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Calling all photographers

We’re excited to announce a special project: The Bruce Peninsula Hospice (BPH) Calendar. Our BPH calendars will be essential tools to help BPH clients organize their days, but also with an image of the beauty that surrounds us.

However, we need your help to make it truly spectacular! We are seeking captivating photographs that showcase the diverse beauty of our beloved Bruce Peninsula. We hope to represent the rugged coastline, beautiful forests, charming communities and gorgeous sunsets. Although smiling faces are wonderful, our focus is on landscapes and flowers, animals and birds. Please submit images with excellent clarity and resolution and also include a brief description of the location and moment captured. We want to give you credit for your creativity – your name will be featured along side your photo. As a heart felt thank-you, each contributor will receive a complimentary calendar.

How to submit: Please send your photos to by April 30th