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HPCO Accreditation

Bruce Peninsula Hospice Inc. is accredited by Hospice Palliative Care Ontario


Accreditation assures the delivery of consistent, high quality hospice palliative care among accredited programs and services located throughout the province. HPCO Accreditation signifies to health professionals, the public and funders that an organization, institution or program is in compliance with industry standards and has been recognized by HPCO based on a rigorous review of overall performance by industry peers. Accreditation also serves as an indicator of commitment to continuous learning and improvement.

Why Standards and Accreditation?

Provincial standards and accreditation enable hospices to assess and evaluate their competence, service delivery, accessibility, safety and continuity of care.


  • Are timely and responsive
  • Enable integration and continuity of care
  • Acknowledge the desire of individuals to stay at home
  • Illustrate the need to support informal caregivers
  • Reflect commitment to continuous improvement
  • Demonstrate accountability and transparency
  • Legitimizes the contribution of Visiting Volunteer Hospices

“Implementing the HPCO Standards gave us the opportunity to institute consistent practices which in turn enhanced our organizational confidence and credibility.” – Maryann Lepage, Executive Director, Sudbury Regional Palliative Care Association

Benefits of Accreditation

Initiating the use of HPCO standards and achieving Accreditation provides a number of benefits for your hospice and your clients including:

  • Validation of your efforts and contributions
  • Opportunity for continuous learning and quality improvement
  • Legitimizes the role and contribution of the hospice and the volunteer
  • Ensures consistent delivery of services and practices which is essential for clients and their families
  • Galvanizes and recognizes the team
  • Provides outcome measurement for funders
  • Improves risk-management
  • Focuses on client-centered care with increased organizational confidence

“Upon completing Accreditation, our staff and Board felt a real sense of accomplishment – we celebrated our collective effort!”

– Theresa Greer, Executive Director, Hospice of Peel