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Want to join as a participant or create a team?  The process is simple:

  1. Create an email distribution list of contacts you would like to reach out to. Don’t be bashful! You might be surprised how many people react positively to your request, even if you don’t know them well.
  2. Select “Create a Team” or “Join as an Individual” [on the left side of this page ]. Then set yourself up as a team/individual participant. This will create a “Page” that you can return to again by signing in.
  3. Create an email asking for support.
  4. Include your unique hike link in the email to your contacts so they can get directly to your online donation page and make a generous donation. You can find your unique link through “Edit My Page”.
  5. Use BCC to hide email addresses from contacts receiving your email. Then press “Send”.

It is rewarding to see donations arriving on your behalf. When you get an email from Canada Helps advising of a donation on your behalf, send a thank you email to your contact. Every little bit helps. Our goal is to reach at least $30,000 and we are almost two thirds of the way there. So rejoice over every $20 donation and be amazed at the odd $200 gift – or more!

COVID gives you a great excuse to reach out to folks you have not seen for a while and many people see Hospice as a very worthy charity. Enjoy choosing your Team name, your 2021 Virtual Hike for Hospice activity, raising funds and awareness and journeying with us and others in living well and wellness!